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Healthy City Design 2019

Royal College of Physicians, London, UK,
14–15 October 2019
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The Call for Papers for the third Healthy City Design 2019 International Congress & Exhibition has been launched under the plenary theme of 'Designing for utopia or dystopia? People and planetary health at a crossroads'.

Congress themes

Against a background of global climate change, healthier cities and communities are shaped by taking tough decisions on issues such as air quality, resilience planning, spatial strategies, working practices, active travel, sustainable homes and green spaces. How can we design a thriving, health-inducing future for all citizens – and avoid a dystopian alternative where our cities descend into crisis and chaos?

Keynote: planetary health

Species are becoming extinct at about 1000 times baseline rates, the oceans are becoming more acidic, large amounts of forest are changing to grazing land and crop land, and in the process we’re losing soil faster than natural processes can regenerate it.

Keynote: Democratising capital

Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending have the ability to give people more control over how their investments are used, raising awareness of environmentally and socially conscious projects while still ensuring healthy financial returns.

Keynote: International insights

While cities are playing a growing role in population health improvements and have enormous potential to be health-generating places, they also face considerable challenges and need to be governed in a way that gives all citizens the opportunity to enjoy good health.

Keynote: Sustainability

The question of how to feed ourselves is really a question of how we should live, explained Carolyn Steel, who took delegates at Healthy City Design International 2018 on a whistle-stop tour of how food shapes our cities and social culture.

Healthy City Design 2019
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