Beth Cooper

Beth Cooper began working with the Timberplay team as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Sheffield Hallam University. Her passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for play kept her with the company where she now heads up their CPD and consultation department. Travelling the length and breadth of the country, delivering inspirational lectures and seminars on the complex and evolving world of play. All her professional life, Beth has worked with young people and children and her experiences and observations were consolidated when she embarked on a Children and Playwork BA at Sheffield Hallam University, building on this with an MA. This knowledge underpinned the development of Simply Play, a tool she developed with her KTP to assess the play value of any site. Outside of Timberplay, Beth has also played a massive part in the play world as a trustee of the national charity Play England and is currently sitting as a committee member of Forum for the Built Environment, championing play for all.