Georgi Byrne-Watts

Georgi was appointed as Quality and Research Lead for The Life Rooms in 2021, to evaluate the impact of up-stream, preventative support on the health and wellbeing of communities across Merseyside.

Leading a team in quality improvement initiatives, and research and development, Georgi’s work is integral in demonstrating the impact and benefits of The Life Rooms’ Social Model of Health and supports innovative ways of improving health and wellbeing for socially deprived communities.

Prior to leading on Quality and Research at The Life Rooms, Georgi worked as an English Teacher and Lead Researcher in a secondary school and has achieved BA (Hons) in English Literature and Philosophy, MA in Management, and PGCE in Secondary English.

The Life Rooms and Liverpool Public Health Project demonstrates how system leaders can work better together to tackle the challenges of the health and care system and address social inequalities in health.

Follow Georgi on Twitter: @gjbwatts