Marian Alkali

Marian Alkali is Part 3 Architectural Assistant currently working in the education sector at Atkins with previous experience on a range of sectors across the UK and internationally. In her role at Atkins, Marian has collaborated closely with the Research & Innovation team to explore how methods of design research and urban analysis can inform the architectural design process. Marian has been involved with a number of research initiatives, including Atkins Human-Centred Design framework, and was a leading contributor in the development and testing of the Child Friendly Urban Environments (CFUE) Framework in Atkins Building Design practice. Marian is interested in the application of research, urban data and community engagement in helping to shape urban policy and design methods that support climate justice, equity, and diversity in the built environment. Her master’s design thesis investigated the viability of a new integrated model for waste processing in Manchester, UK to address the growing need for more ecologically conscious waste management methods. She also completed a dissertation that analysed the importance of climate justice in building transformative water communities for three slums in Lagos, Nigeria.