Menno Hinkema

I am a senior research scientist at TNO (Netherlands). I originally trained as a linguist, but for nearly 20 years I have been working on research and innovation in health systems, strategic health property planning and functional healthcare environment design. At TNO I’m part of the healthcare infrastructure team, where we work internationally to help public authorities, hospital boards and developers design resilient infrastructure responses to changing health demand and system conditions.
Currently, a major focus of my work is on the development of the Homes4Life conceptual framework and labelling system, which aims to stimulate investment in age-resilient homes through a holistic approach to understanding and defining inclusive living environments for all. I also work on the topic of ageing-resilient homes and outdoor environments through my role as a coordinating member of the EIP AHA’s Action Group on Age-friendly Environments. My other interests include strategic planning support in long-term care; virtual Hospital simulation instruments for early decision making support and design options exploration; as well as the development (with Gortemaker Algra Feenstra architects) of new concepts for activity-stimulating inpatient ward designs..