Neelam Khawani-Connett

Neels is a lived experience specialist and consultant in emotional and/or behaviour difficulties and an international trainer. Her areas of interest are therapeutic communities, relational care and practice, peer and mentor support, and co-producing creatively themed therapeutic spaces to include greencare, art, journaling, poetry and music. She works collaboratively with mental health practitioners as a group facilitator, family and relationship counsellor, and engages especially well with people who have been given a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder or emotional and unstable personality disorder. Having lived through her own challenges, Neels is adept at supporting people to grow through and develop understanding and awareness. She says: “My mission is to help others accept and come to peace with past trauma, and to support services develop compassionate, therapeutic environments where people feel safe.” Her website carries a broader background of her current work, past challenges and organisations she is affiliated with (