Paul Myers

Paul gained his BSc in cellular biology from the University of Liverpool and went on to complete a PhD in epigenetics, exploring how our environment affects our DNA and in turn our health and wellbeing. In 2014 Paul co-founded eco start-up Farm Urban, with the mission of transforming our towns and cities into greener, healthier more inclusive places. Alongside co-founder Jens Thomas Paul has led the company through 10 years of sustainable growth. Paul and Jens have built a highly competent team who continue to deliver Innovative urban farming projects across the UK, develop award winning education programs with international reach and engage in cutting edge research to advance the field. Paul continues to maintain strong links to academia by partnering on a range of research projects and holding an honorary lectureship at the University of Liverpool School of Engineering. Paul is currently retained as an expert advisor to The Heath Park Development, which is a ground breaking Eco- Community Project developing a net zero carbon Vertical Farm solution to sit at its heart.