Ruth Gow

Architect and Urban Planner, Postgraduate in Urbanism and Health (UPC & UVic). Technician and consultant in the Department of Healthy Cities at Bax & Company, focusing on urban planning and housing. Previous experience in managing architectural and urban projects. Worked in the public sector on large-scale urban transformation projects, with a focus on mobility and health, and the inclusion of citizen participation strategies. As part of the Healthy Cities team, she has collaborated with various entities in the planning and health sectors, conducting evaluations of urban plans from a health perspective: Green Axis Plan for the Barcelona Public Health Agency, Biopol-Granvia Urban Master Plan for the consortium for the reform of Granvia l'Hospitalet, the transformation project of the Industrial School campus for the Barcelona Provincial Council, and the Seacombe River Corridor masterplan in Birkenhead, UK. Also conducted training for multidisciplinary municipal teams on the methodology and tool 'Healthy Cities Generator'.