International Nighttime Design Initiative (NTD)

NTD is an international team generating “Nighttime Design”, an interdisciplinary, socially aware approach to cities’ after dark issues, conducting research, education and strategic planning. The methodology is site specific and localized — applicable to communities everywhere — cognizant of geography, culture and climate.
The Nighttime Design project has innovated a multifaceted design process to revitalize cities, which includes pilot-based research to envision a practical and sustainable strategy for urban lighting. This strategy considers the holistic possibilities of the night hours, and the citizens that inhabit them.
Ultimately, the goal of the NTD project is to increase safety and security, stimulate economic growth, improve public health, and increase social interactions into the night hours for cities around the world.
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Leni Schwendinger
Creative Director
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International Nighttime Design Initiative (NTD)
55 Bethune St. D1016, New York , NY 10014