Llewelyn Davies / Silver Knowledge leader

The original partnership of Llewelyn-Davies Weeks was founded in 1960 by (Lord) Richard Llewelyn-Davies and John Weeks, both innovators in the design of flexible, highly serviced environments.

Llewelyn Davies has since pioneered new thinking in the planning and design of health and science buildings, delivering more than 250 hospital projects in 80+ countries, by employing an adaptive, intelligent approach to create high-value solutions for complex building types.

At the same time, Llewelyn Davies is established as one of the UK’s leading masterplanners. From Milton Keynes to the urban renaissance agenda of the 21st century, through policy guidelines and development strategies, the company has influenced the UK Government’s vision for planning and design. The international export of this knowledge has led to commissions for Llewelyn Davies in six continents.

These combined specialist skills of hospital design and masterplanning provide a cogent force for reinvention and renewal as most recently demonstrated in the successful planning approval of the new 70,000 sqm Our Hospital project in Jersey.
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