Nightingale Challenge: Creating and sustaining health in the community

As part of Healthy City Design 2020, SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange is teaming up with Nursing Now on the second challenge of its Nightingale Challenge Global Solutions Initiative.

Tuesday 1 December, Session 12, 09.30
Nightingale Challenge Global Solutions Initiative: Develop an innovative, nurse-led initiative to empower communities to create and sustain health

Presentation of the winning solution by Lord Nigel Crisp, Co-chair, Nursing Now, UK
The Nightingale Challenge seeks to:
  • facilitate global interaction and partnerships between nurses and midwives;
  • encourage the development of practical nurse- and midwife-led solutions globally, thereby supporting the career development of participating nurses and midwives;
  • provide a space for nurses and midwives to share expertise and demonstrate the power of their knowledge through their innovative solutions to everyday global health challenges; and
  • raise awareness of global health issues and develop bold, practical ideas to improve public health. undefined - undefined
It will run until 16 November when Lord Nigel Crisp, along with the expert panel, will select the winning entry. The creator/s of the winning innovation will be invited to present their solution at the 4th Healthy City Design 2020 International Congress, during the opening plenary session on 1 December. 
Speaking as part of a recent webinar, which was chaired by Professor Lisa Bayliss-Pratt, programme director of the Nightingale Challenge, Lord Crisp emphasised the importance of the role that nurses play as facilitators of health in the local community.
Lord Crisp was followed by two members of the HCD 2020 programme committee, Carolyn Daher and Giselle Sebag, from ISGlobal and Bloomberg Associates, respectively. Carolyn provided an overview of the social determinants of health and health impacts of poorly designed urban environments, while Giselle offered some examples of positive interventions that have helped improve community health and resilience.
Marc Sansom, director of SALUS, concluded the webinar presentations by emphasising the important role that nurses play in creating health in their communities in the context of renewal, resilience and renaissance – the theme of this year’s HCD 2020 congress.
Read more and watch the webinar here. To download guidance for nurses and midwives on how to enter the Challenge, please click here.
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